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Okay,it’s not much of a collection since I only have 3. I’m limiting myself from purchasing more because I know I wouldn’t be able to  go through highlighters fast enough to need more. But I do love ’em! Just the act of putting on a highlight lifts my mood and makes me feel all light and sparkly!


Essence Pure Nude Highlighter

Definitely a YouTube-made-me-buy-it product! Bought this because KathleenLights raved about it, of course.  Although not wow-ed about it, I like it for days when I don’t feel like beaming too much. It doesn’t look like it would do much on the pan. But when swatched, it’s a smooth and natural highlight. The texture is like a matte sheen without being too metallic. It’s for days when you want a natural healthy glow. It’s not glittery in any way which is a plus. Another big plus is the price! I got this for only C$4.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart. It stays on pretty well but found that it didn’t last the entire day. One thing I also noticed about this highlighter is that it doesn’t accentuate all the texture and pores on my face. I found that highlighters that are very metallic could potentially do that. This particular highlighter didn’t highlight things that I didn’t want to be highlighted. (if that makes sense. lol)


  • Natural highlight
  • Doesn’t highlight the bumpy things on mi face
  • Very affordable
  • Not glittery


  • Not as strong of a highlight
  • Not as metallic

ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter in Wisp


The Super Shock highlighters are more creamy and buttery to touch. It is geared towards the more metallic type of shine. It could be intense but it seems to go on lightly when blended out. I don’t reach for it too often because of the fact that I have to use my fingers to apply it. This colour, Wisp, is a bit too dark for my skin tone that it could be used as a peachy blush. This is probably the most intense highlight out of the three and it lasts all day. I’m the kind of person who touches my face all the time. I always see a transfer of glitter on my fingers and/or my clothes but the highlight is still on and beaming!

PRICE: US$8 (C$10 – C$11)


  • Smooth, buttery, creamy
  • Intense highlight
  • Lasts all day


  • Too dark for my skin
  • Application method

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop


Champagne Pop one is by far my favourite of all three. The consistency so buttery to touch and applies smoothly. It’s like a hybrid of a cream and a powder highlight. As you can probably tell, the pan has been wildly pressed on. I already noticed it cracking so I’m trying to prevent “accidents” by pressing it all back to the pan. I have already seen a lot of posts about this highlighter breaking easily because of the formula. I would never want that to happen to me! With that being said, I always store mine facing up and I never travel with it. Any method of application works great. The formula is good and provides a high shine that lasts throughout the day!


  • Smooth and buttery
  • Super reflective and metallic
  • Lasts all day


  • Price: C$46 ugh why is too expensive!
  • Breaks easily
  • Not travel friendly



Becca, Essence, Colourpop
Becca, Essence, Colourpop

What is your favourite highlighter??

Thanks for dropping by! <3


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L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation Review

Foundations are probably my least favourite makeup products. I rarely invest in an expensive foundation and usually tend to stick to the drugstore. I think I’ve only finished one or two bottles of it in my life because I’ve always had the mindset that foundations will make me look too “makeupy” and it’s only for special occasions . Clearly, I haven’t ventured into hunting the perfect foundation for my skin type.

Luckily I found a gem in the drugstore. The hype is real and I am LOVING this foundation!


The L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation is a great foundation for us dry skin type girls. It smoothes over those dry patches and has a glowy finish. It’s the bomb.com! I’m using this foundation almost every day and I rarely do that with foundations. That’s already saying a lot about this product! It is indeed lightweight as it claims and it doesn’t weigh down my face like other foundations. I would say it feels almost like a BB or CC cream but with more coverage. Speaking of coverage, this foundation is impressively buildable. It could go on sheer to a medium coverage.

From the picture above, you could already tell that the consistency is very watery. I’ve heard somewhere that watery foundations are better applied with a brush. I personally use a Beauty Blender to apply it and it has been amazing. I’m using the shade 203 Nude Beige. I would say that the longevity is pretty good but I’m not the one to judge fairly because I touch my face all the time.


  • Medium Coverage
  • Buildable
  • Super blendable
  • Doesn’t cling to dry patches
  • Glowy finish
  • Lasts all day
  • Super lightweight
  • For dry to combination skin.
  • Travel-friendly squeeze tube


  • Pricey for drugstore (C$16.99)
  • Not for oily skin type

I highly recommend this foundation for people with dry skin! Has any of you tried this yet??

Thanks for dropping by!  ❤️


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Bite Beauty Multistick | Swatches and Review

Who doesn’t love makeup that does everything? Lazy girls, like me, would be all over this product because it does everything and it actually WORKS! The Bite Beauty Multisticks are cream to powder finishes that are suitable for eyes, lips, and cheeks. This product is aimed to achieve a monochromatic look with only using one product!

They’re available in 18 colours but I only have 6 to swatch for you guys.

EDIT: See me use the Multusicks in action here

This post will go over: Detailed review and how I use it, Pro’s & Con’s, Eye-lip-cheek swatches, side by side swatches of all 6 colours


The packaging is identical to the Buttercream lipsticks which are flat, cylindrical and MAGNETIC! I know, makeup addicts love the magnetic packaging and the satisfaction that comes with every click!


These bullets were shot in a very hot Toronto day so excuse the sweat on these bullets. If you ever experience this, just pop them in the fridge for a few hours and the sweat will disappear. I do recommend you don’t use them yet when they’re hot and sweaty because they might break off. I did it once, broke a lipstick, then cried. Lol


Detailed Review

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Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious

Mascaras are one of my essentials when it comes to makeup. I have tried a lot of mascaras from the drugstore that I think it’s safe to say that I am a mascara junkie. I did a review on comparing and reviewing 8 mascaras altogether here.

Maybelline has the best mascaras in my opinion and they did even better when they released the original Lash Sensational (the pink version of this). Not expecting anything, I tried the black version of the Lash Sensational and was even more impressed.


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