Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Smoothing Primer

I don’t have much experience with primers because I’m not a fan of the feeling of having so many things piled on to my face. I gave this one a try to hop on to the primer train and see if I am willing to add another step to my already-too-long makeup routine. This MUFE Step 1 Equalizer in Smoothing is supposed to smooth out the texture of the skin while keeping your makeup stay in place all day.


This product comes in a matte squeezy tube in a simple and sleek design. I also love how all the Equalizers are in different colours based on their purpose. The product comes out in a skinny spout that easily controls how much product you want to use.


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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks | Sake, Spritzer, Eggplant, Jam, Sour Cherry

Bite Beauty has recently launched The Amuse Bouche – a fresh line of lipsticks that are made from luxurious and edible ingredients. They have formulated 34 unique shades that are creamy, moisturizing, and highly pigmented. I have Sake, Spritzer, Eggplant, Jam, and Sour Cherry to swatch for you guys!

It’s basically the same as the previous well loved Luminous Crème line. The cap still resembles a lipstick bullet shape that has been used and sleek design makes it more luxurious and sophisticated. The packaging is uniform with all the colours so distinguishing one from the other wouldn’t be easy until you read the bottom label. I know it would be a struggle to find that one shade you want, and you end up reading all the labels, then all of a sudden you’re late for work. Ha! But personally, I like seeing all the grey bullets all lined up monochromatically in my vanity.


Bite has perfected the lipstick game train because these are beyond amazing. All 34 shades have a satin finish and is unlike any other formulas because it’s all made with 12 edible and natural oils. According to the Bite website, these lipsticks have pearl, silk, and red wine resveratrol that prolongs wear and provides a creamy texture for a “long lasting antioxidant benefits long after application.” As claimed, it is very moisturizing and not drying. One swipe of the lipstick gives 100% pigment and creaminess. The darker colours tend to last longer than the nudes because it leaves a stain on the lip. The nudes and the light pinks are more creamy and less opaque but are still very pigmented.

The scent is a completely different story because it transforms the experience of putting on a lipstick to another level. The flavour came from freshly pressed grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangelo, mint and mandarin extracts that give the lipstick a sweet citrus scent. First thing that came to my mind when I first took a whiff was Skittles and that is probably one of the best things about this lipstick.

PRICE – C$30 and sold at Sephora

All 5 colours side by side so you guys can see the comparison between each colour.AmuseBoucheSwatches

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THE FACE SHOP | The Therapy | Oil Drop Anti-aging Serum & Airbrush Essential Mist

The Face Shop is one of the most accessible Korean beauty brands here in Toronto. I have known about this brand since I was in the Philippines and have always been a fan. I am so pleased that they opened several stores in the GTA!

The Therapy line is basically one of their anti-aging skincare line. I have been seeing fine lines and wrinkling around my face so I have decided to give this one a go.

I am not an expert on skincare and I am not sure what order it’s all supposed to go. Especially with Korean skincare, it can go as far as 20 steps (I might be exaggerating). I have been using these two on a daily basis, either by themselves, or both products together. As far as order is concerned, I always use the mist first followed by the serum. I have read somewhere that essences and serums are exactly the same? Feel free to correct me on this one.

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Eye Brushes | What I Use Them For

A quick post about the eye brushes that are in constant rotation in my collection and what I use them for! These brushes are all affordable and are of good quality.


Bdellium Tools 783 Small Tapered Blending – $10 US
outer V brush
This type of brush just makes it easier to apply eyeshadow on your outer V’s. The tapered tip works great when you need more of a detailed eye look and the thicker base to blend it all out.

Bdellium Tools 755 Smudge – $8 US
lower lash line smudger
A must-have for a smokey eye. It is a basic smudger that I use for applying eyeshadow on my lower lash line. I also use this to smoke out my eyeliner to avoid harsh lines.

Morphe E27 Pro Round Blender – $6.99 US
crease/fluffy blending brush
The softest brush ever! This is the first brush I pick up when I’m putting on ANY eye makeup. I use this to put on my transition/skin tone shades to make blending easier. I also use this when I feel like contouring my nose. It makes blending so much easier!

Morphe E23 Deluxe Blender – $6.99 US
crease/ blending/ cream and mousse-y eyeshadows
It looks extremely similar to the E27 above, but on closer look and feel this is a lot denser. This brush is best used to apply cream eyeshadows and ColourPop Eyeshadows as I have described here.  I love that the Morphe brushes have the best quality among all my brushes and yet they are the cheapest!

Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Angled Eye Liner Brush – $9.19 US
detailed eye liner/brow brush
This is the only brush I use for my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. It is just a normal liner brush just like other brands but I specifically love the shape of the handle! So sexy. I’m just so sad that Target packed their bags and left Canada. No more Sonia Kashuk for me!

Make Up Geek Soft Dome Brush – $8.50 US
This is the softer and fluffier version of the Bdellium 783. It could double up as an outer V brush and a blending brush. It is very soft and a good multitasker. This is the first brush that I bought and I used it to blend, pack on shadows, outer V smoker, and smudger.


What are your favorite eye brushes at the moment?

P.S. Face brushes coming soon!


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