How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

We’ve heard somewhere that we should clean our makeup brushes every so often. But if I’m being honest, I probably do it once every month or every other month. Forgive me if that sounds nasty but I don’t use my brushes everyday anyways so I think that counts? Lol. Enough of my confessions here and I’ll start taking you through an easy peasy way of  how I wash my brushes.

dsc03918 Things I use:
– brush egg (bought from forever21 for about C$5) I believe it’s also available on eBay
– hard soap (freebies from hotels) or body wash/liquid soap/baby shampoo
– towel


1. Wet the dirty brush through running water


2. Swirl it around the soapdsc03925 dsc03926
3. Swirl it around the brush egg

4. Swirl the brush and brush egg through runing water

5. Squeeze out excess water and lay it flat on the towel


I usually let it dry overnight and it’ll be ready in the morning. I’ve tried washing with my hands but I found that it is too drying and abrasive on my hands. The brush egg works best because it protects my hands and it has ridges that help scrub through all the grime from my brushes. This method probably takes me only about 10 mins! Super easy and cheap!

Tell me how you guys wash your brushes so I can try different methods!


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